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A woman who consumed a herbal life product for losing weight slipped into a coma. This incident was reported in warangal ANDHRA INDIA



HERBALIFE Another Fantasy Weight Loss Con!

| 02/08/2012 | 18 Comments
Everyone wants the quick fix, to get rid of the weight gained over the years of an unhealthy lifestyle and with companies like Herbalife offering the holy grail and the body you have been dreaming of, people just get suckered in…
Ive already wrote about other diets such as lighterlife and Cambridge Diet, and with such a s choice of quick fix promised weight loss diets, its hard for people to say no.  The problem is people dont put weight on over night, so to lose it properly, you cant just stop eating and crash diet and expect the weight to stay off.
I wont lie to you, stop eating drink these protein shakes, cut your caloiries in an excessive mannor and you will lose weight, but heres the catch – You will also lose the effectiveness of your metabolism!!! And with this your long term way to burn calories effectively.
Even when returning to a normal healthy eating plan, your metabolism will be so destroyed by the Herbalife style Diets that you will just put weight back on and begin the cycle of the yo yo dieting syndrome.

The Horrifying Fact Behind the likes of Herbalife:
Many, if not most Herbalife Distributors are not qualified Dietitions or Nutritionist! They have no nutrtional educational background or even fitness professional qualifications, Scary!
You wouldnt ask an office administrator to change your boiler, you wouldnt ask a school diner lady to treat a cancer sufferer, so why would you ask a diner lady or an office worker for Health, Fitness or Nutritional Advice???
Personally Ive been a Fitness Professional for over 22yrs, and I dont believe I know everything about nutrition, so how can an office worker who has jumped on the band wagon of pyramid selling with the promise of fortunes from their upline mentor give you advice on nutrition? What do they know about macro-nutrients?

Giving wrong advice can at best lead to gaining more weight than you were at the start of the diet once you come off it, at worse people have died by being given the wrong nutritional advice.
Herbalife are now even tapping into the Fitness Game, office workers, dinner ladies, unemployed, unqualified people taking fitness sessions in parks across the UK, my own home town Swindon Ive seen unqualified people giing this sort of advice and take people with obesity problems, unfit people and train them with no knowledge of how the human body works, no understanding or qualifications to show knowledge of anatomy and physiology and train people on mass, these people will have no insurance that will cover any injury from training and advice.
You should always ask the person offering you nutritional and fitness advice what their qualifications are, and if they say they are qualified Herbalife Distrbutors or Lighterlife Distributors, this is just a smokescreen, they are not formal qualifications, they are not worth the paper they are writen on and they are not recognised by the fitness industry.
My advice is to stay away from these people and look for a fitness professional that knows about nutrition and fitness and has the qualifications to go with it.
Herbalife have set up something called 24Fit Club, there are many of these across the UK, some may have a Personal trainer involved but most of the group leaders have no formal qualifications which means the fitness sessions they provide are not covered by any insurance.
There is no such thing as the QUICK FIX SOLUTION, if you want to lose weight long term, you need to have a sensible eating plan by a fitness/nutritional professional, none of these protein shakes work long term and are empty promises, so dont fall for them – seak professional fitness experts in your area, see a doctor with any concerns about going into a fitness regime.
It may come off slower but believe me it will stay off for good!
Mike Buss | Celebrity Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

Health Issues | Hair


| 27/10/2012 | 0 Comments
Iron deficiency which actually affects up to 90% of women in the UK at some time in their lives, according to government statistics, causes a drop in serum ferritin levels which can slow down hair growth.

Faddy Diets like the likes of Herbalife and many other low calorie and meal replacement diets, eating disorders, and drastic weight loss in a short period of time can disrupt the natural growth cycle of hair.
It is thought up to 30% of Western women suffer from androgentic alopecia which can be genetic.  If you start to lose your hair in your 20s you should see your GP.



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CLIPDUDE Posted: 02-03-2011 9:09 AM

I became a distributor in January 2010, I faithfully used all the products and felt great for some time, in May I had my annual physical and was healthy. I started feeling tired around the end of May so I ordered the 21 Day Herbal Cleanse. I started the 21 Day cleanse the first week of June, following all label instructions to the letter as I did with all my Herbalife products.

I woke up June 20, 2010 with chills and a high fever of 104.8 and severe abdominal pain. My wife wanted me to go to the emergency room but I told her it was probobly a bug and would pass, it did not and after three days of excruciating pain I went to the hospital. My colon was almost completely clogged and ruptured, I had emergency surgery to remove 90% of my colon and appendix. I woke up with a colostomy bag and spent almost a week in the hospital. I spent three months recovering from surgery, and then I had the remaining six inches on either end of my colon reconnected. I quit using Herbalife products after my first surgery as the shakes would bind me up, no matter how much water I drank, I would not have any bowel movement for days. I contacted Herbalife and was asked what products I had been taking, I gave a list of all products and lot numbers and expressed concerns that labels should state that products may not be safe for everybody and I could no longer sell a product that I felt was unsafe, Heralife offered to repurchase most of my products. I had a very bad experience with Herbalife products and could not recommend them to anyone. While I cannot prove the Herbalife products caused my colon to clog and rupture, I can say for a fact that I had a colonoscopy 18 months earlier and my colon was healthy.
Jeffrey Raum, Sharpsburg, Ga.


By Ronny Linder-Ganz | Mar.12, 2009 | 1:24 AM
Israeli woman sues Herbalife, claims products caused liver disease Woman filed NIS 2.5 million lawsuit claiming Herbalife products had caused her chronic liver disease.

An Israeli woman filed a NIS 2.5 million lawsuit yesterday against Herbalife International and its Israeli affiliate, Herbalife Israel, claiming that the companies' products had caused her chronic liver disease, with the risk of future liver failure necessitating a transplant.

In her suit, submitted to district court, Mali Nir, 54, alleged that products marketed by the California-based nutritional-supplements and weight-control company and its Israel affiliate as natural and promoting "health for life" destroyed her health.

The suit claims that she "was never advised that consuming the companies' products could cause irreversible liver damage, and that they could even be poisonous to the body."

Nir said she began taking Herbalife supplements in 1998 and even signed on as an Herbalife distributor. She says that the first sign of a problem surfaced in 2001, when she began to experience fatigue and weakness. She then discovered that she had serious liver damage.

When she stopped taking the supplements, her liver function reportedly returned to normal, but with indications of cirrhosis of the liver, along with problems that included pain, chronic fatigue, weakness and insomnia.

Attached to the suit was a medical opinion from Hadassah Hospital internist Dr. Mayer Brezis. In it Brezis stated that research literature from as far back as the 1990s reported the risk of liver damage from herbal products, and that there was a high probability that the Herbalife products caused Nir's liver problems.

The suit also alleges that Israeli researchers documented 12 cases of severe liver damage similar to Nir's in patients who used Herbalife products like the ones she took.

Herbalife Israel said in a response that the company had not yet received the lawsuit.

Herbalife sells a wide range of dietary supplements, appetite-control and weight-loss products, to "maximize your health and fitness goals," the company writes on its international Web site.

By Ronny Linder-Ganz

Herbalife removes diet pills from stores 

HAARETZ  NEWSPAPER By and Dafna Lutsky | Feb.14, 2005

Herbalife instructed its distributors on Saturday night to stop selling the company's "Sesame and Herb" dietary supplement in light of concerns that the product may cause liver ailments.
The directive to cease sales of the tablet, which is marketed exclusively in Israel, came after the Health Ministry informed the company some two weeks ago that in the past 18 months, eight people had developed liver problems, five of whom had used the Herbalife product. Aside from one individual who died as a result of complications unrelated to the use of the Herbalife product, the remaining patients made complete recoveries after they stopped taking the tablet and received medical care.
A joint Health Ministry and Herbalife team has been conducting a probe into the matter.
"The decision to stop marketing the product was made only two days ago because a review process had to be conducted beforehand," said Herbalife Israel CEO Yona Fichman. "As a precautionary measure toward the public of consumers, it was decided over the weekend to stop marketing the product for the meantime."
The Health Ministry announcement Saturday stressed that no causal connection had yet to be found between the Herbalife tablet and liver problems, and that the step taken by the company was merely a precautionary measure for now.
The company reported that it had ordered its 1,500 distributors around the country to stop marketing the dietary supplement, but noted that because the Herbalife products were marketed directly and couldn't be simply taken off the shelves, removing the sesame and herb product from the market was somewhat complicated.
"All the distributors received a full briefing from the company about returning the products," Fichman said. "In addition, the public was informed and we believe that all the products will be returned within a few days." 

 Group says Herbalife products have too much lead
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Six dietary supplements sold by Herbalife Ltd contain dangerous amounts of lead if taken in the recommended dosages, according to information posted on Monday on a Web site linked to a long-time critic of the firm.
Herbalife disputed the claim, saying its weight-loss and nutritional products met regulatory requirements in all of its markets.
"The FDA hasn't established a general limit on lead in foods, but we are certainly well within their suggested guidelines," Herbalife spokesman George Fischer said in a telephone interview, referring to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which sets dietary guidelines.
The Fraud Discovery Institute posted a letter on its Web site on Monday attributed to Christopher Grell, an attorney in Oakland, California, who specializes in product liability cases.
The letter said recommended daily doses of six Herbalife products contained levels of lead that are dangerous and in excess of what California law allows under its Safe Drinking and Toxic Environment Act. It urged the state to order Herbalife to place "clear and reasonable warnings" on those products.
Barry Minkow, founder of the institute, has $50,000 invested in Herbalife "put" options, betting that the company's shares will fall.
Minkow, a San Diego pastor who served more than seven years in jail for stock fraud, now works to uncover fraud through the institute. He has a history of criticizing Los Angeles-based Herbalife.
Minkow said in a telephone interview that his bet that the company's shares will fall was only intended to finance his investigation.
California law requires businesses to warn consumers if their products contain chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.
The six products mentioned in the letter are the ShapeWorks Protein Drink Mix, Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix, Tang Kuei Plus herbal tablets, Thermojetics Nature's Raw Guarana instant tea mix, ShapeWorks Cell Activator and Multivitamin Complex.
The company says products are sold in 65 countries by a network of over 1.8 million distributors.
Herbalife shares closed down 4.2 percent at $40.17 on Monday on the New York Stock Exchange.
Grell said in an interview Monday that individual tablets may not exceed California's 0.5 microgram limit on lead in dietary supplements, but he said the daily recommended dosage would result in lead exposure large enough to warrant a warning label.
A document purported to be an invoice from Analytical Laboratories in Anaheim Inc, based in Brea, California, for $5,820 for testing the six products was posted on Fraud Discovery's Web site. Analytical Laboratories did not reply to calls and an e-mail to discuss any tests.
Minkow previously uncovered a discrepancy in the biography of Gregory Probert, who was then Herbalife's president and chief operating officer, that led to Probert's resignation in April.
Probert had said he had earned an MBA degree at California State University. The company said he had been enrolled at the university during the 1980's but never obtained a degree.
Herbalife's market value, after Monday's stock decline, was $2.61 billion. It had sales of $2.15 billion in 2007.
Last month, Herbalife said that Spain had issued an alert cautioning on the consumption of Herbalife products due to suspicious cases of liver damage. Herbalife said it was in discussions with the ministry.
"For more than 28 years, tens of millions of Herbalife consumers worldwide have been safely using Herbalife products with an extremely low incidence of serious adverse event reports citing liver function abnormalities," the company said at the time.
(Editing by Toni Reinhold & Kim Coghill)

FDA bans diet herb blamed in 155 deaths / California had already moved to bar ephedra in '04

San Francisco Chronicle - Sabin Russell, Chronicle Medical Writer   

Published 4:00 a.m., Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Just two days before sale of the herbal weight-loss supplement ephedra is to be banned in California, the Bush administration said Tuesday it would seek a halt to all sales of the product throughout the United States.

A mainstay of Internet marketers and a popular item at the vitamin and supplement counter of health food stores, ephedra is sold as a weight-loss pill for dieters and an energy booster for athletes.

But in the face of more than 16,000 reports of adverse reactions to ephedra -- including 155 deaths -- the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared that the pills posed "an unreasonable risk of illness and injury" and that their sale should be made illegal.

The FDA has sent certified letters to 62 ephedra manufacturers warning them of the impending ban, which will take effect two months after the agency formally issues a rule.

"Today's notice puts companies on notice of our intentions, and it tells consumers that the time to stop using ephedra products is now," Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said Tuesday.

Also known as ma huang, for the herb from which it is derived, ephedra contains ephedrine alkaloids, naturally occurring chemicals almost identical to amphetamine -- the active ingredient in the illegal street drug known as speed. Like other drugs in the same class, ephedrine is a stimulant that can cause short-term weight loss but at a risk of heart problems and addiction.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Mark McClellan said Tuesday's announcement sends "a strong and unambiguous signal about the safety of dietary supplement products containing ephedrine alkaloids."

Although California has been home to some of the largest manufacturers of ephedra, state lawmakers passed a ban on sales of the supplement beginning in January.

"Score one for consumers," said state Sen. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, who wrote the legislation as well as a 2-year-old law that forbids the sale of ephedra to minors.

Gov. Gray Davis signed the ephedra ban as one of his last acts as the state's chief executive, although he had vetoed a weaker set of restrictions approved by lawmakers in 2000 -- the year he had accepted $150,000 in campaign contributions from Metabolife International of San Diego.

Until it stopped ephedra sales last month, citing ambiguities in state laws, Metabolife was among the top producers of the supplement in the country. It also was the target of numerous lawsuits from consumers contending they were harmed by taking the herb.

"One reason major manufacturers have stopped selling ephedra is that the companies have become uninsurable because of massive losses in product liability cases," said Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of the Health Research Group for the Washington, D.C., consumer organization Public Citizen.

Wolfe said that the FDA should have acted against ephedra much sooner. Public Citizen had filed a petition seeking a ban two years ago, when the ephedra death toll stood at 81.

Metabolife could not be reached for comment on the FDA decision, but in a statement on its Web site concerning the possibility of a ban, it declared its product safe. "In Metabolife's opinion, there is no scientific basis for a ban, and we believe that our ephedra products are safe and effective when taken as directed on our product label," the company said.

It was the highly publicized death of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler during spring training on Feb. 16 that aroused opposition to ephedra. Bechler, who had been taking the supplement, died of heatstroke. On Feb. 28, the FDA disclosed that it would consider an outright ban.
"That was a crushing blow. The death of one famous person counts more than a thousand unknowns, particularly to those in the Beltway area near Washington, D.C.," said Dr. Michael Shlipak, an epidemiologist at UCSF and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Francisco.

Shlipak was the co-author of a study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine shortly after Bechler's death, that found that 65 percent of calls to poison control centers regarding problems with herbal supplements involved ephedra, which represented only 4 percent of herbal sales.

"This is a dangerous product," Shlipak said. "If it causes you to lose a few pounds, it's not worth the risk."

Shlipak said the FDA has been slow to ban ephedra because of a 1994 law known as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, which requires the agency to prove an "unreasonable risk of illness or injury" before it can ban vitamins or supplements -- a much tougher standard than that for prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

He noted that when the FDA considered a ban on ephedra in 1997, the Government Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, issued a report suggesting the agency would be overstepping its authority by such a move. A similar challenge could be raised against the current proposed ban, but Shlipak said "we now have a lot more science than we did six years ago."
How herb became the target of FDA's ban

Facts on ephedra and its ban by the Food and Drug Administration:

Q: What is ephedra?

A: Ephedra is a plant with varieties growing in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. It is called ma huang in China, where it has been used for 4,000 years to treat respiratory infections. A wild variety in the U.S. Southwest was used medicinally by early settlers to brew "Mormon tea" or "Squaw tea." Typically, the whole plant is powdered and used in pills or other preparations.

Q: What is the medical action of ephedra?

A: Ephedra contains two alkaloids, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. These compounds can combat congestion and ease breathing in some conditions. But the chemicals in ephedra also affect the heart and can cause a serious rise in blood pressure. A synthetic ephedrine is used in a very limited way in a small number of drugs prescribed for respiratory infections.

Q: What is the most common use of ephedra?

A: Ephedra has been found in about 200 dietary supplements sold over the counter. Ephedra has been promoted at health food stores. Manufacturers and retailers have said the herb is good for weight control, building muscle and boosting energy. The FDA's power to regulate the dietary supplements is more limited than for prescription drugs. The agency can ban risky supplements only after gathering evidence of injury.

Q: Why is ephedra now being banned by the FDA?

A: After years of studying, the FDA has concluded that continued sale and use of products containing ephedra pose an unreasonable health risk. There have been about 1,000 reports of serious health complications from the use of ephedra and 155 deaths. The herb already has been banned in three states, including California. Most organized athletic groups either outright ban use of ephedra and ephedrine or severely discourage their use. A 23-year-old pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles who died suddenly was taking ephedra.

Q: Do companies making or selling ephedra products have a right of appeal to the FDA order?

A: Yes, they can sue. FDA officials said they are ready for the new ephedra rule to be challenged in court.

Q: Is the FDA evaluating other dietary supplements?

A: Yes. Officials said that other products are being looked at, but no immediate action is expected. An FDA publication lists a number of herb supplement ingredients with possible health hazards, including chaparral, comfrey, willow bark and wormwood.

Source: Associated Press


Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and Food and Drug Administration chief Mark McClellan held a joint news conference Tuesday to announce the ban of the herbal weight-loss supplement ephedra. The ban will take effect 60 days after a federal rule is formally published in a few weeks..
Ephedra, also known as ephedrine, or ma huang
Properties and uses: Used to prevent attacks of bronchial asthma and acts to relieve nasal congestion; common ingredient in weight-loss products; shown to promote fat-loss and muscle gain in controlled tests
Side effects: Raised blood pressure, can cause irregularities in heart rate, insomnia, tremors and headaches, seizures, heart attacks, strokes and death.Sources: Food and Drug Administration; Harvard School of Public Health


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Image: Fu Fang Shuo / photo
Sunday, October 16, 2011 

The Moderator I hereby thank the legislators Miss Tian Qiujin 2011.08.12 in the Legislative Yuan generous attempts to help the victims of Herbalife held a press conference!
Image: Fu Fang Shuo / photo
(Please read the following three reports, victim statements and related laws and regulations continue reading)
Reported (a) the new head capsule Fu Fang Shuo / Taipei
The allergic When detox direct sales nutrition risk kill elderly man

Eat nutritious health food have to be careful! Surnamed Zhang old man eating son bought for his well-known health food "Herbalife" Unexpectedly, the symptoms of systemic redness peeling, dealers also argued that "detoxification" and told the old man to continue to eat, causing the elderly man peeling pus , memory loss, confusion, and nearly died. The man surnamed Zhang the son Zhang Bingshen today (12) morning, accompanied by DPP Legislator Tien Chiu pansy held a press conference, broadside dealer disregard for human life, requiring manufacturers to provide compensation. However, the scene of the senior manager of the the Herbalife Public Affairs Shih Yi-Ru Reason Law, Herbalife tenable, the two sides talking to no intersection.
Zhangbing Shen pointed out that more than seven years old, his father, filial heart, before buying a lot of high price of Herbalife nutritional supplements nutritional supplements. Unexpectedly, the father, after eating, the body begins to redness, itchy situation, asking different Distributor, expressed normal detoxification ", ZhangFu continued safe to eat. Subsequently led to the February 2009 to March 2010, Zhang parent total emergency 4 times, hospitalized six times, almost died of sepsis. The physicians highly suspected food allergy with Herbalife, stop eating, allergic condition immediately improved.


Zhang Bingshen broadside, Herbalife registered with the Department of Health Food Distributor has swindle called "health food", even "detox" efficacy, harm his father almost lost his life, and he suspected Herbalife with false advertising, deception Distributors and consumers, the end of the day, victimized consumers, fined Distributors Corporation was entirely responsible without warnings do not want to raise very unreasonable.

Yi-Ru Shi said, Herbalife clearly marked for each nutritional supplements are "food", and therefore do not need to carry a boxed warning. To the proceedings for this event can not be directly prove ZhangFu allergy symptoms Herbalife Food-related training courses for direct sales personnel requirements shall not claim to have medical benefits. But for the poor direct sales personnel, Herbalife can not be responsible. Herbalife to appoint lawyers also said that if any harm acts of goodwill, it will take action.

Zhang Bingshen stressed that he will get justice if the Herbalife think he deliberately hurt goodwill, "Welcome to the divisions", but if subsequently proved to be the responsibility of Herbalife. The two sides talk past each other in the press conference, there is no intersection.


Wang Huiying, food inspection chief of the Department of Health, said that after the incident, has all Herbalife products sent to the health unit of a comprehensive test, the tests meet the standards for exaggerated advertising section open penalty. She called on the people, nutritional supplements are not equal alternative to dinner, no efficacy and if unwell situation should immediately stop eating, and a doctor as soon as possible.
Reported (2) CNA He Mengkui / Taipei
Codex Alimentarius loophole legislators Yuxiu law
Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Tien Chiu pansy, said today that the citizens have told her petition severe allergic dietary supplement products, related industry should indicate the product ingredients may react, her proposal would amend the law to fill loopholes in the law.
Petition populace Mr. Zhang morning held a press conference in the field autumn pansy accompanied pointed out, the 73-year-old father after taking Herbalife nutritional supplement products, severe allergies, direct sales staff claimed detoxification reaction to his father continued to take the last almost caused sepsis.
Mr. Zhang stressed that his father is not the case, calling for all the victims out to prove, adding "Herbalife victims Union". He believes that Herbalife should carry a boxed warning on the product and training good first-line pharmaceutical salesman knowledge, do not ignore the lives and safety of consumers.
The indictment of Mr. Zhang, Shi Yi-Ru, the Herbalife Public Affairs Manager, Herbalife sell food instead of healthy food, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of China does not have a boxed warning, but HE Bao Fuji in the enterprise responsibility has a boxed warning on the product, and also requires the distributor can not be claimed that the product has the effect of efficacy or detoxification.
He countered, before the onset of his father, Herbalife and not food boxed warning, he reflects, Herbalife was boxed warning. He also criticized the Department of Health connivance Herbalife endangering the health of citizens, leaving it without human testing, the poison test the product, he decided to make the country lose the lawsuit.
Wang Huiying, section chief of the Department of Health, Food and Drug Administration said after receiving the case, the Department of Health (DH) has for the first time require health unit survey also investigated products advertising content, including raw materials and heavy metals testing, found to meet the health food-related laws and regulations, but exaggerate the efficacy. She called on the people not to believe the the puffery advertised effect, if there is not, we must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, otherwise the expensive and beverages.
TIAN Qiu Jin of Mr. Zhang Lao disabling symptoms disappeared after the Herbalife products, but Herbalife has nothing to do with the consumption of Herbalife also said that Mr. Chang symptoms, consumers are significantly disadvantaged, her proposal would amend the law to make up legal loopholes.
Reported (3) Epoch Shi Chi Yin / Taipei
Eat Herbalife allergenic mistakenly when the detoxification Desk old man insurance dead


Legislator Tien Chiu pansy accompanied the petition by Zhang Bingsheng the 12th held a press conference to point out that the father after taking Herbalife nutritional supplement products, severe allergies, and direct sales staff has said that a detoxification reaction to his father continued to take the last almost causing sepsis .
Zhang Bingsheng filial heart, before buying the high price of Herbalife nutritional supplements nutritional supplements. Unexpectedly, the father, after eating, the body begins to redness, itching, and even body peeling, edema, exudate situation, asking different distributor expressed normal detoxification ", the To ZhangFu continued safe to eat.
He said that his father during the taking total emergency 4 times, hospitalized six times, almost died. Stated on the certificate of the physician's diagnosis: allergies, suspected health food due to Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia. "The physician recommends disabling Herbalife products, allergic condition immediately improved.
He pointed out that Herbalife registered with the Department of Health Food Distributor has swindle called "health food", and even the efficacy of "detox".
To Shi Yi Ruqiang tune, Herbalife, Public Affairs Manager, Herbalife sold food health food, but based on corporate responsibility in a boxed warning on the product in accordance with the laws and regulations do not have to carry a boxed warning, In addition, to the proceedings for this event can not be direct proof sheets Father allergy symptoms with Herbalife food, also require the distributor can not be claimed that the product has the effect of efficacy or detoxification.
The Food and Drug Administration food group, food inspection the registration section chief Wang Huiying said, in this case occurred, has been Herbalife's products to send health units inspection, including the inspection of raw materials and heavy metals test compliant and abnormal. However, she said, Herbalife's advertising propaganda, really exaggerate the phenomenon open penalty for puffery and require improvements.
She also called on the people, and nutritional supplements are not equal alternative to dinner, and also do not have any efficacy, the body does not appear the case, should immediately stop eating, consult a doctor as soon as possible.
Finally, TIAN Qiu Jin of Mr. Chang disable Herbalife products after the symptoms disappear, the symptoms associated with the consumption of Herbalife, Herbalife's resolutely old gentleman's nothing to do, obviously disadvantaged consumers, her proposal would amend the law to make up for the loopholes in the law .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Painful experience, that ring

(My father caused due to consumption of Herbalife Severe allergic reaction)

Painful experience, that ring

As readers have asked about my father-onset detailed symptoms In this description:
Initial symptoms: itchy skin.
Medium-term symptoms: skin itching intensified / skin redness / fever.
Late symptoms: fever / skin redness / edema / limbs peeling skin.
The serious period symptoms: systemic peeling skin peeling / limbs, edema, exudate / limbs sore knee bent difficult / memory loss and confusion.
Sequelae: abnormal skin / memory loss and confusion.
If you have similar symptoms Do not listen to the detoxification argument should quickly stop taking it, seek medical attention and contact the health food and gelcap like food unexpected reaction reporting system, to avoid becoming another victims of human trials of health food persons.

Victim statement:
My father is Herbalife victims press conference the parties, the facts of the case on behalf of my father statement is as follows:
1) court proceedings has not yet made ​​a judgment of my father's illness has nothing to do with Herbalife, and we find that the judicial and medical personnel involved in the documented false or forged instrument is suspected, however, the case prosecutor not to prosecute is insufficient evidence. Therefore, I propose to committal for trial, to fight for the last axiom justice ditch, looking forward to the judicial officer ought to be based on the relevant medical diagnosis to confirm the causes of my father with a considerable degree of causality with Herbalife, and references the relevant administrative regulations to prosecute the company .
2) to my father to buy Herbalife products consumption sister, is not myself Zhang Bingsheng purchased. Sister joined Herbalife Distributors on the occasion, my father has also support 12 million to obtain the Distributor qualifications. This product can only be obtained from Herbalife Distributor, most direct marketers are the friends and family as a product of the object sharing, so my father will through the hands of the sister consumption of Herbalife, which is pass the direct selling industry norm man runs into trouble.
3) Herbalife representative of its own products are "food" rather than "health food" or "health food" as prevarication words of shirking its responsibility, but in accordance with the existing laws and norms, claiming to provide special nutrients and health benefits of the food, as the Health Food Control Act of objects.
The 4) Herbalife ingots food should be registered in accordance with the input gelcap like food inspection approved, rejected, principles and other regulations of the supplement to the application for inspection, but the Herbalife Company and Chief, Department of Health did not put forward the inspection audit nuclear provable.
5) The Chief, Department of Health (DH) has not proposed to send test of inspection Herbalife products are in line with the standard of the report proved empty rumor.
6) the position of the Chief, Department of Health and insights are similar with Herbalife, how can we expect the Department of Health, the Food and Drug Administration "due diligence to back the people's health and food safety checks? No wonder conscience physician bluntly critical of the establishment of the esophagus Bureau is simply a hoax!
7) We demand the HE HE Fu home claimed regular clinical experimental track "proved and approved by the Department of Health inspection to prove, to prove that the products are in line with the laws and regulations.
8) I also asked Herbalife written communications report to the head office of the United States proved to show my father victimization return, I am advised by the company at the beginning of the incident, my father was the victim of the case shall be sent to the U.S. company to do causality identification, I wait for the Corporation identification results. (My Herbalife company inform the U.S. company my father's case, doubt it!)
9) Please Herbalife produce product liability insurance contract content to us consumers to prove the performance guarantee of product safety, to maintain their own goodwill.
10) due to the Herbalife product liability and the production of the source of defective products are the U.S. company, so we really object of claims is also the source. If due compensation in the future, I will be the claimant the gold as social things needed to take care of my father, which was I set up the grounds and purposes of Herbalife victims League. I also call upon the people to join our ranks, and jointly safeguard the security and interests of its own and I have the same philosophy and goals.
Summing up the theory, Herbalife products are in clear violation of existing laws and norms, and the security of the product is unknown, however, the section chief of the Department of Health and Herbalife representative statement significant breach of professional conscience and morality. Shi Yi-Ru, the Herbalife Public Affairs Manager, said the company sold food, not health food, do not have to carry a boxed warning required, based on corporate responsibility, but the company has been filling in the product, and also requires the Distributor product efficacy can not be claimed, Herbalife company issued a statement, said the Prosecutor's Office of the High Court disposes of the book clearly old man surnamed Zhang cases can not be, directly or indirectly, to prove any association with Herbalife products ... however these exposition and unconvincing!! (Also, please see this blog post)
To appeal to Herbalife Distributors should uphold the moral conscience in direct sales, and medical personnel should uphold the ethics of conscience to treat the victims of suspected health food, because you are the first line of the face of the victims, an obligation and responsibility to appeal to the people and government together to prevent harm health food.

Relevant laws and regulations as follows:
(1) health food Q & A (Source: Executive Yuan Department of Health)
What is healthy food? Healthy food means as defined in the Health Food Control Act, the Department has Baojian effect to the labeling or advertising of food; aforementioned alleged health benefits that enough to advance public health or reduce disease risk of harm, and has scientific evidence to support the efficacy of The announcement by the Department of Health, rather than treatment, correction of human disease medicine effectiveness.
Product name without the words "health food", whether it is still healthy food management law? In addition to the product name should, depending on the product and the declared content. Food labeling or advertising content involving the health effects of the announcement by the Department of Health, and shall be subject to the norms of the Health Food Control Act. Other words, not to replace the product name: "health food", "functional food", "food nutrition", "organic food", "natural foods" or other similar names, you can circumvent the law of the management.
Health food inspection and registration should attach components, specifications and other information, by the audit is listed on the product packaging still have marked ingredient recipe? Health food approved after its commercially available product packaging labeling should comply with the sections of the project required by section 13 of the Health Food Control Act, which does not include the product's ingredient recipe, but its contents content marked descending order and marked nutrients and content, mark the way and content should be consistent with the Department of Health, and detailed provisions went ahead to the Department of Health website ( query.
(2) health food and health food management (Source: Department of Health Food Hygiene Department)
In capsule form, tablet form of food because of its appearance, is easy to be confused with the drugs, the former according to the Bureau of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, 1989 announcement tablet form, capsule form of general food should be handled nuclear prepare a letter with the Department of Health input visa " regulations, the industry has long according to their input tablet form needs to be presented to the Department of Health, capsule-shaped food applications for nuclear preparedness; council after the announcement in 1994, restrict the importation of goods, the commission check input Consolidated List of Commodities "in with Ming Syria, the two class appearance of the food should be the Department of Health to apply for the issuance of a license file, so that Lihai relations with the file handle matters input checking.
(3) "domestic vitamin tablets, capsules food inspection and registration of" Q & A (Source: Department of Health, the Food and Drug Administration)
(1) Prior to the Listing, which food must first go through the inspection of registration to the Department of Health or license? Enter the tablet form capsules food "," single product (unilateral) food additives (spices except), special nutritional food, genetically modified food inspection and registration must apply in accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the Act Governing Food Sanitation announcement food "and" domestic vitamin tablet form capsules food. ......
(4) Inspection of Food Imports Measures (Source: Executive Yuan Department of Health)
Application for inspection of products is one of the following circumstances, adopted by batch inspection, and shall submit the test report, inspection authorities may perform inspection: in accordance with domestic and international product safety information or scientific evidence of significant harm to the human body. ......
(5) Summary of Conclusion (Source: Executive Yuan Department of Health)
... In summary, from a regulatory point of view of some basic concepts can skip summarized as follows:
Food can be divided into general food and health food. "Health food" is just a term of general food is a common noun; "health food" is a proper noun, legal terms, permit registered for healthy food, in order to call it.
The main difference in health food and health food (usually food), health food demands of the specific health benefits, general food shall be prohibited.
All food do not exaggerate, hypocrisy, or concerning the efficacy of the labeling or advertising. The general food of breaches to the Act Governing Food Sanitation Office, involving "health food" and "health benefits" (by the EPA announcement is the limit), then the Health Food Control Act at the Office. Healthy food is designed to apply to the Health Food Control Act.
4. General food in addition to the part have been announced must apply for registration by examination, most do not need registration; health food registration prior permission to enter or production.
Life that should be wasted on the good things, but wasted you see the groom's part of life in the above dogma Declaration, I pitch are ashamed, but still want the general public to have the right of health food and food products in general, the basic concept . Another For one, certified health food has some health benefits, but also the day-to-day care only to receive better health and reduce disease risk function, rather than alternative medicine for the treatment, correction of disease with the body once ailments still should first seek the proper medical channels, do not listen to exaggerate the publicity, or the delay in medical treatment and damage to the body, then the non-healthy food intention.